We are a private collective of serious writers who share our works on various blogs according to genre. We are currently accepting applications from other serious writers, all genres will be considered. Interested writers may leave a note for us by clicking the Note to the Manager link at the upper right. Please do not apply if you do not write at least once a week or if you have no interest in offering feedback on the works of others. Some of our members are currently on leave so you will not see new works by those authors.

Applying to Join Us

Those interested in participating in our collective may apply via email using the Note to the Manager link above.

Please include:

The name you'd like to be known by.

An email address you actually check.

A small writing sample (at least one of the following):
  • Poems: 250 words or less
  • Fiction: 1000 words or less
  • Non-Fiction: 500 words or less
The collective will be presented with your request and vote on your admission. Then we'll email you with our decision. Simple as that. Good luck.

Legal Stuff

Guests are welcomed to visit our blogs, to read our creations, but are cautioned that all writings found on our blogs are the sole and exclusive property of the authors. Our works may not be reproduced in any form without the author's expressed written consent. Thou shall not steal never goes out of fashion. In this case, any thieves who might happen into our little diner would be stealing from the brains of some awfully nice people. You can't get much lower than stealing brains.

Thanks for visiting.

§ P.B. Adams, web master